Auction Results in Stanmore

2/219Stanmore RoadStanmore2048Unit1102:30 PM 13th Sep 14 On siteUnknown$0Raine & Horne Montano
78Macaulay RoadStanmore2048House2216:30 PM 4th Sep 14 In roomsUnknown$0Ray White Annandale
4/7Stafford StreetStanmore2048Unit11010:30 AM 30th Aug 14 On siteUnknown$0Bentons Real Estate
78Cavendish StreetStanmore2048Terrace32111:00 AM 30th Aug 14 On siteUnknown$0Raine & Horne Newtown
4/1Aubrey StreetStanmore2048Unit21011:00 AM 30th Aug 14 On siteUnknown$0Century 21 Blunts
16Margaret StreetStanmore2048Terrace21011:00 AM 23rd Aug 14 On siteUnknown$0Ray White Annandale
111Cavendish StreetStanmore2048Terrace31011:30 AM 9th Aug 14 On siteSOLD$965,000Raine & Horne Newtown
25Cardigan StreetStanmore2048Semi21012:00 PM 2nd Aug 14 On siteSold Prior$860,000Auction price guide over $775,000Bresic Whitney Glebe
8Margaret StreetStanmore2048Terrace2102:30 PM 2nd Aug 14 On siteSold Prior$839,000Callagher Estate Agents Annandale
26Douglas StreetStanmore2048House3113:30 PM 26th Jul 14 On siteSOLD$995,000Rich and Oliva Croydon Park
1/96Parramatta RoadStanmore2048Unit2216:30 PM 24th Jul 14 In roomsUnknown$0Property sold 25.7.14 for $770,000.Ray White Newtown
17Margaret StreetStanmore2048Terrace22011:15 AM 19th Jul 14 On siteSold Prior$1,170,000Pilcher Residential
153Trafalgar StreetStanmore2048House22011:30 AM 19th Jul 14 On siteSold Prior$0Price withheldBrough & Taylor
4/195A Stanmore RoadStanmore2048Unit2102:30 PM 19th Jul 14 On siteSOLD$714,000Belle Property Annandale
21/7-9Railway AvenueStanmore2048Unit1116:30 PM 16th Jul 14 On siteUnknown$0Sold 17.7.14 for $554,000Ray White Newtown
15Warwick StreetStanmore2048Terrace31011:45 AM 12th Jul 14 On siteSold Prior$0Price withheldCurran Property
80ADouglas StreetStanmore2048House42212:30 PM 12th Jul 14 On siteSOLD$1,400,000Belle Property Newtown
59Northumberland AvenueStanmore2048Terrace3116:30 PM 3rd Jul 14 On siteUnknown$0Property sold in July 2014 for $880,000Ray White Annandale
192Corunna RoadStanmore2048Terrace2102:00 PM 28th Jun 14 On siteCancelled$0Auction price guide above $850,000. Auction cancelled. Property for sale 1.7.14 for $895,000.Pilcher Residential
15/2-6Bridge RoadStanmore2048Unit3212:30 PM 28th Jun 14 On siteUnknown$0Property did not sell at auction. Property for sale 2.7.14 for $810,000 Belle Property Annandale
81Northumberland AvenueStanmore2048Semi2111:30 PM 21st Jun 14 On siteSOLD$962,000McGrath Inner West
1/78Cambridge StreetStanmore2048Unit1103:00 PM 21st Jun 14 On siteSOLD$401,000Belle Property Newtown
14Cardigan StreetStanmore2048Semi32010:30 AM 14th Jun 14 On siteUnknown$0Urbane Inner West
73Stanmore RoadStanmore2048House32111:00 AM 14th Jun 14 On siteSold Prior$1,250,000McGrath Inner West
168ACorunna RoadStanmore2048Terrace42011:30 AM 14th Jun 14 On siteUnknown$0Raine & Horne Newtown
32Durham StreetStanmore2048Terrace3211:00 PM 14th Jun 14 On siteSold Prior$980,000Raine & Horne Newtown
11/119Cavendish StreetStanmore2048Unit2112:00 PM 14th Jun 14 On siteSOLD$610,000Gerber Properties
76/1-3Northumberland AvenueStanmore2048Terrace2113:00 PM 14th Jun 14 On siteUnknown$0Gerber Properties
62Salisbury RoadStanmore2048Terrace4319:45 AM 14th Jun 14 On siteSOLD$1,290,000McGrath Inner West
19Durham StreetStanmore2048Terrace2101:00 PM 7th Jun 14 On siteSOLD$923,000 LJHooker Marrickville

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